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Echostage ranked #38th Best Club in the world by DJ Mag! 

Yes, it’s located in the US. No, it isn’t located in Miami, New York, or Vegas.

Some news, huh? A club in DC being held in a higher regard than the likes of XS, Mansion, LIV, and Space Miami? Unheard of. It’s true, in fact, only clubs in the United States placed higher than Echostage in this years DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs poll. For a club that had only been open for 4 months to not only have been spoken about in the same breath along with the best clubs in the world, but to have also been ranked ahead of some of those clubs, is simply phenomenal. I’m always preaching on here about how Glow brings in the best talent in the world, and how it’s such a great place to party and to enjoy good quality music. I’ve strived to provide cold hard facts to back up those claims, but if this doesn’t prove what I’ve been trying to convey, then I don’t know what can. The mere fact that this poll was conducted worldwide, completed by club-goers, festival enthusiasts, and dance music lovers from all walks of life, speaks volumes. There is just no way to refute that Club Glow is a really good place to dance, to sing, to cry, and to party. The ball will keep rolling, however. It won’t stop at #38. It’ll get better and better, because that’s what Glow’s all about: working to deliver the best possible experience to it’s guests. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen tomorrow night in Northeast DC, when we host Calvin Harris to play in front of 3000 beaming fans. If you’re going to tomorrow’s show, you already know where you can get information for it. If you missed out on getting tickets, it’s alright, don’t fret. Stay updated so that you can come out to the next one. So tomorrow night, lets dance to the sweet, sweet sound of electro house. Lets sing to the top of our lungs our renditions of “Sweet Nothing.” Lets cry tears of joy when we hear that drop that we’ve been waiting for all week. Lets party, DC. This is Glow.

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Daniel - GlowU MC

David Guetta playing Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix) at Ultra Music Festival 2013 

Check out the Frenchman making his Echostage debut this Friday, and for round 2 on Saturday!

What. A. Weekend. The feeling of raving alongside thousands of people, seeing your face on a live stream being showed to millions around the world, and being in the presence of some of the best musical minds in the world is just incomparable. I raved with security guards, UMFTV staff members, and even a couple guys from Baltimore that told me of how awesome of a venue Echostage is. It doesn’t get better than to be put on top of the crowd during Deadmau5’s return to the Ultra Main stage while your favorite song in the world is playing. I’ll stop romanticizing now though, just like what my friend told me before our plane took off for Maryland last night, it’s time to get back to business. David Guetta is playing at Echostage for two shows this weekend. No matter how your feel about his music, DJ skills, or collaborations, there is no doubt that he played an integral role in bringing EDM into the mainstream light. There is also no doubt that he is one of the biggest and successful producers and the world, and it is a guarantee that he will make both shows at Echostage great ones. Online tickets are already sold out, although a limited number will be available at the door. Be sure to check out the Club Glow website for information about this show and for upcoming events.

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Daniel - Glow U MC

Live Sets From Ultra Music Festival - Weekend 1

Wanna hear all the DJ’s who have played at Glow recently? Here you go!

It’s pretty much common sense that Club Glow brings the best talent in the world to DC. Week in, week out, world-class DJ’s come to grace to CDJ’s at both Josephine and Echostage. Now, it’s one thing to claim these two things, but it’s another to really look at the facts that back them up. A question arises though, how can a DJ be classified as world-class? Beatport downloads? Facebook likes? Twitter followers? Rankings on DJ Mag? There are many ways that can be used to place that label onto a DJ. In my ever so humble opinion, there is one factor that outweighs all of these: relevancy. The act of staying in the minds, ears, and iPods of dance music listeners around the world. It’s no easy task, it is one that only a few can truly do. This past weekend, thousands of people around the world attended a music festival that serves as a way to see who is most relevant in the EDM world, that festival being Ultra. Ultra only invites the best of the best to play at it’s festival. As a person involved with Glow, I took it upon myself to find out how many of the DJ’s playing at Ultra have played here in DC. Since the opening of Echostage on September 22nd of last year, 44 DJ’s have played at Glow. 20 of those DJs played at Ultra this past weekend, and many of the others have been playing shows in Miami Music Week. This shows that not only are the DJ’s that Glow bring relevant, but also that they are world-class. In recognition of those DJ’s that have played here in the nation’s capitol, here are their live sets from Weekend 1 of Ultra Music Festival. Many more of the best DJ’s from around the world are coming soon to DC, so stay updated at the Club Glow website to see who we have coming out. 

Sander Van Doorn:

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano:

Deniz Koyu:

Armin Van Buuren:

Richie Hawtin:

Markus Schulz:

Ferry Corsten:

Paul van Dyk:


Porter Robinson:

Danny Avila:

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Daniel - Glow U MC

The Aston Shuffle vs Tommy Trash vs Tony Romera - Sunrise Pandor (Tommy Trash Bootleg)

Check out the DJ from Down Under tonight for another round of Glow action!

A special feeling always surfaces around DC whenever a night with Tommy Trash is coming up soon. It’s almost as if club goers around the DMV know that the night he comes to play will be not only a special night, but also one of the potential best club dates of the year. You all already know the deal, he’s already trashed the scene at Josephine on numerous occasions, especially in recent time. This night is guaranteed to be a great one, so why not come out? Oh and by the way, he’s bringing along Walden, who has been putting out some great material lately, and looks like he might be the next big thing. So listen, call in sick on Friday, skip that 8 AM test, do whatever you can to come out, because this will be a night you won’t wanna miss.

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Daniel - Glow U MC

Kaskade - Turn It Down (feat. Rebecca & Fiona)

Prepping up for a night with the dynamic Swedish duo!

This song. Hmm. Every time I hear that scintillating introductory chord progression, followed by the ever-so-addicting “I hold my breath when I hear lies,” I am immediately reminded of the first real rave I went to, which was when Kaskade played at his Freaks of Nature tour stop in Baltimore this past June. I wasn’t really into Kaskade before that night, I believed that his sound was too soft for my taste. That all changed after going to his show though, and it was really because of this song. This song made me realize of talented Kaskade is, production-wise. I think the part that gets me most is the vocals that were laid down by Rebecca & Fiona. They truly sang this song in a way that makes it impossible not to sing along to. I’m pretty sure they’ll drop this song tonight at Josephine, and I’ll be sure to sing my f’ing heart out when they do. If you wanna join in, be sure to hit up this link for tickets and info.

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Daniel - Glow U MC

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